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Industry Testimonials

A Practical Guide to
Understand and Apply

Configuration Management
(Within the Product/System Development Process)

Industry Testimonials:

"Although this book is filled with examples the material is more slanted towards concepts than practice. It is also applicable to a much wider scope of configuration management than just software or firmware because the content is based on the DoD and older MIL standards governing configuration management. These standards, many of which have been superseded by IEEE/ANSI standards within the Department of Defense, cover hardware configuration items as well as software - and these are covered within the book as well.

Despite the basis of the material this book does an excellent job of explaining configuration management in the large, and drilling into details associated with each element. The author provides a well written overview, including the benefits of configuration management (and the pitfalls of not employing it). He also thoroughly covers each of the key elements (identification, control, status accounting and auditing).

I like the presentation of the material, which follows a set format for each element - definition, what it means, where it begins and recommendations. The material is brought to life with realistic examples and anecdotes, and all of the essentials are clearly communicated. I also like the final section, which shows how configuration management, as a discipline and as a process, can be scaled down to small companies and groups.

If you are new to configuration management this book is probably one of the best starting points with which to gain a full understanding of what it is, what it entails, and why it is important. Don't expect how-to information, such as managing branching, product lines or other topics normally associated with configuration management, but do expect to clearly see the big picture and associated details. "

Mike Tarrani(Professional Reviewer)
Amazon.com Reviewer
Deltona, FL United States

"…a document with major success implications for IT project management and quality management in other fields as well. It deals with an issue that is the key to success of any project, for by successfully specifying and managing a project' s requirements you are more assured of a satisfied customer. Many projects fail because they are based on faulty requirements and it requires a dedicated effort to design, implement, and effectively control the specified technical and functional requirements of a project's output."

Robinson I. Akiri,
Project Management Professional (PMP)

"Eddie must be doing something very right! In an area where many others continue to struggle, he has a proven track record of successfully managing a wide variety of technology projects. In this Guide, he shares some of the secrets to his success in very practical ways from which many people in the field can no doubt benefit."

Ed Beaumont,
Founder and former Chairman and CEO of CoreTech Consulting Group

"You have provided the software development and project management communities with an excellent guide for improving project success by using Configuration Management. Your book discusses the processes needed to effectively implement Configuration Management in an organization. …Key points include the importance of early preventive measures, of documentation, of controlling the configuration and changes with a Configuration Control Board, and of quality assurance. The distillation of lessons learned from your career in the areas of Configuration Management, Quality Assurance and Project Management provides an important edge for projects striving to be successful."

Dave Nesbit, PMP
President Advanced Project Management Associates, Inc.

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